Routing Walnut into Ring Boxes on Front Range CNC Router

Recently, our team had the pleasure of working on a project milling walnut into beautiful ring boxes. This project was a great opportunity for us to showcase the capabilities of our CNC routers and the skills of our team as we worked with a customer on developing a process for high production of walnut boxes.

Using our advanced CNC routers and specialized tooling, we were able to precisely mill the 1.5″ walnut into the desired shape and size, creating a series of high-quality ring boxes that featured pockets, double sided machining, chamfers, engraving and drill holes for metal dowels.

Our goal was to ensure the final product met their exact specifications and requirements as well as having developed a model that is efficient to scale. We were able to deliver a final product that exceeded their expectations.

Overall, this project was a great experience all around and a testament to the capabilities of our CNC routers and the expertise of our team. We are always excited to work on new and challenging projects, and we look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers.